How To Tell If Someone Is Lurking On Your Wireless Home Network

The default IP address of for router login is a way for companies as Netgear and Linksys to help their users. This especially beginners meets concerns about the easy configuration and installation of broadband routers. In order to achieve the speed of a control panel is present, here are a few simple steps.

To get there you have to really fit into the web browser address bar. In this case, will also be possible, a number of options to see if you can find the standard account information. At one point, after you go to the Control Panel, you will be able to take care of security, modem functions, WEP or adjustments or DHCP your system on the LAN.

Other private IP addresses preset. Unlike the IP address, there are addresses like and are also for private use. The is very consistent with consumers who are their routers for small areas. This IP address is similar to non-routable as You can not really find this kind of addresses outside the private network.

To change the settings, go to MTU (or your default router address) and change it manually from there. PSN Go to Network Settings> Manual input> rolls on MTU and roll until 1496th

Enter the user name and password. This is the information that you configured in the initial configuration of the router. If your router is new, or you do not have the information to be changed, Admin, the default settings for the user name and password may be either 12345 or password.

Scanning for the DNS-letter next to a field which allows two or three sets of numbers, each broken into four groups of one to three digits. It might look like this: and or something similar. Be careful, not so good to look in the wrong area of configuration settings, such as getting in a hurry, without checking the double layer.

If you can not access the IP address, and first ping, go to the Start menu, type “cmd” and press Enter, and type ping, appears an answer, but if it works not, then connect to the access point, and first to the state of the wireless connection, click properties, and look for them on the Internet protocol (TCP / IP), select it and click properties, the mark applications go following IP address and enter ~ 100. A number between 1 and 100 should be chosen at the last position. The newspaper tab and the default subnet mask is automatically generated. Press OK to close the application, then go to the Start menu, type run cmd, press Enter and type ping Hopefully that will work.

As a last attempt, the wireless router to the factory settings with the reset button on the back (You can use a sharp object such as a pen have to do this) or from a Web browser to the router control panel logging – try the default IP address ( to access it – and restore the factory settings from there.

Click the Options tab, and click on “log files”. This will list all IP addresses that have used your Internet. See the list of IP addresses that you have previously written. To determine if an address list do not match, you have written.

these three basic steps to secure your home wireless network from most external threats. Although a very clever hacker can still move even this security, they will not be worth a try. There are too many unsecured networks, so hackers trying to not waste their time to break into the home of the average Joe network is configured securely. They will move on his way to an unsecured network of neighbors.